4 Questions To Expect from Buyers you Sell Furniture To

4 Questions To Expect from Buyers you Sell Furniture To

The new generation of furniture buyers is savvy enough, and they can pass up the opportunity to talk to a salesperson when researching the best furniture to buy. This is because they have an array of channels to find any information they are looking for? They can also get, and exchange opinions with family, friends and other customers. But even with all these resources today, a salesperson can be invaluable to finding the best furniture out there. So if you’re a salesperson, here are questions you should expect from furniture buyers:

· Are there discounts on sell furniture?

When customers walk into a furniture sales room, they can see prices displayed on furniture. Chances are they will ask a salesperson about the price of the furniture regardless of the prices displayed. The salesperson will quote his/her price. But a customer will always ask if they can get a better price. If you’re a salesperson, you should have the highest possible price and the lowest possible price you can go to answer the customer accordingly.

·  What are your delivery means, processes, and timeframes for the sell furniture?

Customers tend to ask about deliveries even if they have shopped in that very store before. They will still ask about the methods you use to deliver furniture, including delivery time. As a salesperson, make sure you have all the information about delivery at your fingertips and ensure the delivery time you give out is precise.

· If you sell furniture and things go wrong, what are your procedures to the right them?

Savvy customers will always want to know what happens if deliveries don’t go according to plan. Some of the things they would want to know include what happens if a delivery is not what they ordered; there are breakages or late deliveries. Regarding deliveries issues, every business has its ways to deal with them. So make sure, as a salesperson, you read the fine print and master it and tell the customer exactly what is in it. You can’t afford to contradict yourself here.

· Do you have guarantees before you sell furniture?

Savvy customers will always ask what guarantees the furniture store offers. As a salesperson, you should be in the know about them. You should be able to explain to the customer what guarantees are covered and if they are in writing. Guarantees can range from price, quality to timely deliveries.


While there are many questions furniture buyers ask, they won’t miss asking the question highlighted above. So make sure you keep the answers in the back of your mind to avoid any contradictions and disappointments.